#244: What if Golf Wasn't Hard with Mental Coach David Mackenzie

David MacKenzie (@golfstateofmind) is a Mental Coach on Tour and the founder of Golf State of Mind. He turned this research into his “Ultimate Mental Game Training System For Golf” which has been used by over 100k golfers worldwide. David, Ev, and Cerm discuss things like what if fearless golf actually doesn't exist, threat states vs. opportunity states, what if golf wasn't hard, why focus is the #1 skill, and so much more. The Par Train Podcast is brought to you by Rhoback Activewear aka the greatest polos, qzips, hoodies, shorts and joggers in the game. Seriously... we can't take them off. Tap this link https://bit.ly/3myURyP for 15% off (code auto applies in your cart). As golfers, we are some of the most at risk group for skin cancer since we're out in the sun 5+ hours at a time. Hop aboard a clean SPF train and go to www.oarsandalps.com, enter the code SPFTRAIN for 15% off the top sunscreen rated by Men's Health and ditch your chemical packed alternative! Most golfers have the wrong size glove (usually too big). Go to redroostergolf.com and enter the code TRAIN20 to choose from 34 different sizes! Free shipping and exchanges until you find the right size! As always, thanks for hopping aboard! #EnjoyTheRIde

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Golf game off the rails? Sick of riding the struggle bus? You've come to the right place. The Par Train helps frustrated golfers #EnjoyTheRide again, because if you can learn to smile through bad golf, you can smile through anything. The Par Train Podcast unpacks the mental game with PGA Tour Pros, best-selling authors, CEOs, sports psychologists, every day golfers, and more to make the hardest game in the world feel easy and help you finally get back on track. Welcome aboard!