Zach Hallford | Unraveling Subconscious Trauma Responses Through Breathwork

Zenith All Natural Fat Burning Supplement Buy Zenith here Extra Zenith information:   Magnesium Breakthrough Use Code : integrativethoughts10 for 10% OFF   Just Thrive: Use Code ITP15 for 15% off   Therasage: Use Code Coffman10 for 10% off   Nootopia: Use Code IntegrativeThoughts10 for 10% OFF   Integrative Thoughts My Instagram: @integrativematt My Website:   Guest: Zach HallfordBorn in small town Alaska with nothing more than a passion for bodybuilding & powerlifting, Zach Hallford became a multiple world record power lifter, national powerlifting champion, & bodybuilding champion. After experiencing a decline in his health at the young age of 20 years old & being overweight at 230lbs from abusing steroids, he took a new passion for holistic health. As he experienced more in the natural realm, he uncovered how traumatic experiences from his childhood were impacting how he showed up today & was an influence in his days of competition days. From there, he dedicated his life to healing emotional trauma & living a life free from the emotions of the past so he could create the life of his dreams. Now, he is a passionate breathwork coach & manifesting mentor that strives to help others reclaim their power that exists within us all to create a life of true abundance. Links: Social Media Handles: Instagram: @Zach_Hallford Tik Tok: @Zach_Hallford Facebook: Zach Hallford

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This show will cover a wide array of optimization tactics including strategic supplementation, genetics, mineral balancing, sleep, relationships, chronic illness, biohacking technologies, diet, farming practices, psychedelic therapy, relationships, and coaching! My name is Matthew Coffman I am the author of ”Integrative Thoughts” , a personal coach, and an advanced Kambo Practitioner specializing in Lyme Disease and Auto Immune Conditions. It is a unique blend of strength and spirituality that comes together to formulate my package. It is my job to help you live a life of purpose and tap into your curiosity.